PAN NO. : AASAS4680B Mail :
रजि क्रमांक : 41/94-95 स्थापना वर्ष 1994

Shree Digamber Jain Dasha Humad Samaj Hiran Magri

Shree Digamber Jain Dasha Humad Samaj Hiran Magri was established in the year 1994. Humad Jain originated from Ider, Gujarat then migrated to Deogarh due to some reasons and finally settled in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan.

The personnel of Shree Humad Jain Samaj Hiran Magri have always had deep interest in education, hard working, and honesty in each and every field. For better and higher education they have travelled to Indore, Mumbai and many other cities in India and even went abroad. This trust has always taken progressive steps to bring about reforms and changes and has the foresight to keep up with the current times. This initiative was planned and executed keeping in mind the outlook of our new generation. We are very proud to be a Humad Jain.

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